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Review: Melanie Martinez’s ‘Pity Party’

We are eagerly awaiting Melanie Martinez’s debut album Cry Baby to be released, but the wait just got a little more bearable with the release of its lead single “Pity Party!”

On Monday night, Melanie hosted a party via Periscope and Twitter which also served as the release for Cry Baby‘s first single “Pity Party.” The gloomy pop track portrays a less than happy birthday party thrown by Melanie. “Pity Party” gives new meaning to Lesley Gore’s 1963 lonely party anthem “It’s My Party.”

“Did my invitations disappear? Why’d I put my heart on every cursive letter?” Melanie ponders in the song’s opening lyrics. Her voice glosses easily over the crawling synth tunes to create the unique sounds we’ve come to expect from the “Dollhouse” singer.

In Martinez’s self-directed video she springs out of bed to set up for her big day. Her very animated characteristic coincide perfectly with her toy-filled apartment. After grabbing a few cookies and signing off a few invitations, Melanie realizes she is throwing a party for one.

“Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me, whatever/ Just means there’s way more cake for me, forever,” she laments in the pre-chorus. The birthday girl tries her best to keep the party going, but can only keep her cool for so long before losing it.

The synthesizer ups its ante just in time for the chorus. Between the battling toy noises, poodle barks, ticking clocks, and drum track, the production of “Pity Party” is some of Melanie’s best! She keeps the signature sound we love from her previous work, but also keeps it sounding fresh and evolved.

During the second chorus of the track, Melanie begins ripping her teddy bears’ limbs off in full clown makeup. It’s a visual that makes the song’s quirky tone come off as almost psychotic and truth be told…I like it!

One of my personal highlights from the song comes right after the bridge. Martinez ditches the beats and lets out a blatant scream. It’s a small addition to the single that portrays the true feelings of our lonely party girl. Right after she sings “I’m laughin’, I’m cryin’, it feels like I’m dyin'”  in the bridge, she finally breaks down to show that not only will she cry if she wants to…she will scream!

The final scene of the music video shows the aftermath of Melanie’s breakdown. She blows out the candles on a cake that reads “Happy Birthday Cry Baby” as her home burns in the background. The image of her smoking a candle like a cigarette, poutingly  among the flames sums up the songs hook:

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to/ Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry)/ I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place/ I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames.”

“Pity Party” is a dark-themed theatrical pop tune and works really well as a lead single. It currently resides at #16 on Itune’s alternative charts and is making its way up. You can purchase the track here and watch the video above!

Cry Baby’s release date is set for August 14th and will be available to pre-order next month! Check back for more updates on Melanie Martinez and Cry Baby.

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