Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch surprise releases 24:00 EP

English music artist Neon Hitch released a dynamic-sounding EP titled 24:00 through her Tumblr and Soundcloud late Sunday night. The songstress dedicated the six tracks to her fans who are waiting ever-so-patiently for her debut album, Eleutheromaniac.

As soon as the “Yard Sale” singer released 24:00, two dedicated POPULOVE writers rushed to listen, and it’s pretty extraordinary. Did we mention the whole EP was created in just one day? If you haven’t heard it yet, listen below and download for free here. The surprise release comes one month after we interviewed Neon about her fan-powered record label and views regarding the music industry.

The first track, “On The Run” takes listeners on a spiritual journey through the life of a ghetto gypsy. The humming sitar swag tune, along with lyrics such as “Hah, see how a gypsy do it – bag full of money and we not afraid to use it” makes you want to gallivant your booty ‘round the world, Neon style!

Track two, “London Bitch,” reminds fans of the singer’s homeland, and she most definitely has the London flair. Neon sweet-talks her way through this glamorous, British-inspired trap anthem. Get ready to sing along that you “come from a place where we talk like this,” (with an English accent).

“Wake Me Up When It’s Over” opens up with the audio from the most iconic scene in Scarface. Al Pacino’s famous line “Say hello to my little friend” sparks this track with fire and initiates a gunfight all the way through the thumping tune. But don’t be mistaken if you think this song is glamourizing artillery. Neon posted on Tumblr, stating “this song is about the devastating police shootings that have been happening recently.”

The soothing melodies of “Get Me High” will seriously get you high. Although POPULOVE is neutral on the topic of drug-use, the relaxed production of this track will blast you to another state of being. “Get Me High” offers the listener a feeling of tranquility, even if it’s just a mental high.

“Back Against the Wall” is a jolting anthem for standing up for what’s right. With lyrics such as “No, they can’t silence the crowd – we just get loud,” you know that the she writes for what she truly believes in, no matter who tries holding her back.

The final track of 24:00, titled “Lost as Sea,” brings out Neon Hitch’s marvellous vocal ability and her fanciful gift for beautiful songwriting. Unlike previous tracks, “Lost At Sea” shares the singer’s vulnerability through the chorus when she cries “and there ain’t no one who can rescue me – I don’t ever fall in love – now I’m lost at sea.”

In summary, 24:00 sounds like a quick excursion through Neon’s gypsy life and maybe a sneak peak of what’s to come from her first LP. If you liked what you heard, let us know in the comments, and follow Neon Hitch on Twitter to receive updates on when her debut album Eleutheromaniac will be released!

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