Saycille comes out with an Indie track, “Wish”

How many times did you want something so bad that it hurts every day you’re not where you want to be or have what you want to have? We can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t always happen, sometimes a wish is not enough. Perhaps, the wish the will you instill upon yourself to make it happen. No matter what it is you’re wishing for, it’s  a process to attain anything of value in this life. We’re still in the process today to reach new heights and we’ll keep wishing and working until it happens. What else are you going to do, right? Sleep around and watch Netflix? Heck no, work hard and make it happen — stop feeling sorry for yourself. This is where Saycille comes in with her new track, “Wish”. It’s a soft sensation that encourages the wish to come true through you, not through magic.

This new Indie-Pop track utilizes the acoustic guitar to spread her message. It keeps the soft presence she wants to build around and the soft wishing well in her track that listens but gives advice. Listen to the advice Saycille has to say as her lyrics are pretty profound and deep. Her soothing vocals keep the mellowness in the atmosphere but strength in her will instills the meaning behind her voice to truly listen to the message.

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