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Study: 1,389 People Impersonate Selena Gomez Online

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There are at least 1,389 fake Selena Gomez profiles on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, according to a new report by the New York Times.

The New York Times in April paid company Social Imposter to analyze the number of fake social media accounts pretending to be one of the top 10 most popular people on Instagram. The list included Selena, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

The results found 1,389 social media profiles pretending to be Selena Gomez. The number does not include fan profiles or parody accounts, just impersonators.

The analysis, conducted by Social Impostor, a firm that protects celebrities’ names online, found nearly 9,000 accounts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pretending to be those 10 people.

In most cases, the fake accounts may be used to gain attention. In some cases, however, the impersonator will build relationships with people online and ask for money or other items while pretending to be the celebrity.

Last month, celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, and Maren Morris worked together on a video warning fans to be cautious of fake profiles pretending to be superstars.

“Facebook and Instagram are really powerful ways to connect, and because of that, you have no shortage of people trying to use those systems in nefarious ways,” said Scott Dickens, a Facebook product manager. “Those sets of people will continue to get smarter to evade detection capabilities that we put in place.”

Facebook estimates that 20 million to 80 million profiles on its social network are fake accounts.

Social Imposter also found 714 accounts impersonating Beyoncé had 714 and 233 impersonating Taylor Swift.

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