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Selena Gomez releases intimate new video

Selena Gomez just released a video for her latest single, “Good For You” on Friday. The subdued video is as intimate as the track itself.

The Sophie Muller directed video features shots of Selena on the floor, in the shower, and laying on a couch as she sings about the love she wishes she had. “Good For You” is stripped down and minimal, but that’s just what miss Gomez wanted!

“I wanted the video to reflect the initial stripped down version of ‘Good for You.’ [Director] Sophie Muller created a beautiful and intimate visual representation of the song,” Gomez explained in a statement.

Gomez seems to have cut A$AP Rocky from the track as he is nowhere to be seen! Listen to the official full audio of “Good For You” featuring A$AP Rocky below.

Recently, the “Good For You” singer was spotted with Ed Sheeran. The two were caught mingling at Tori Kelly’s album release party in LA.

According to HollywoodLife, Sheeran wants to work with Selena!

“Ed and Selena have been hanging out a lot together, but there’s nothing going on there. They just want to get to know each other better because they’re considering working with one another,” HollywoodLife reported.

Ed’s only concern is that he doesn’t want to start any beef with Justin Bieber by writing a song about him. The source says Ed wants to focus on something else if he writes for Gomez.

“Ed would love to write for Selena. He thinks she’s super-talented, has a great voice and the right appeal to front one of his songs,” our source continues. However, “Ed doesn’t want to start anything with Justin Bieber and write a song for Selena about him. He feels she should concentrate on something else.”

Do you think Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez could make a hit together? Let us know in the comments!

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