Watch Sia sing 'Alive' into a megaphone

Watch Sia sing ‘Alive’ into a megaphone


During the filming of her “Alive” music video, Sia played around with the megaphone on set, taking the song to a new level! Check it out!

“Alive” was the debut single from Sia’s seventh studio album, This Is Acting, and was originally intended to be on Adele’s 25. The two co-wrote the track, but when it was scrapped, Sia picked it up for her record.

The same goes for the majority of the Acting playlist, which includes songs originally intended for Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, and others. Instead of seeing the tracks go to waste, Sia decided to take a second chance on them, a decision that will ultimately lead to her first number one single!

The Sean Paul “Cheap Thrills” radio edit became the infectious summer hit of 2016, landing at number one on Billboards Top 40.

Recently, Sia released a deluxe edition of This Is Acting featuring four new tracks including: “Confetti,” “The Greatest,” “Jesus Wept,” and “Midnight Decisions.” The updated version features Maddie Ziegler on the cover.

“Confetti” is a breakup track (below), “Midnight Decisions” follows a night of heavy drinking and regrets. In “Jesus Wept,” Sia sings of loneliness and finding he faith.

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