My Silent Bravery is the man behind “Got It Going On”

The beach life is what most aspire to live; live near the beach enjoying your time under the sun. Is your Summer panning out the way you want it to be? Do something about it and do it with confidence. If there is a slight lack of confidence in your body, that very little difference can be the game changer when it comes to you succeeding and failing. My Silent Bravery takes it to the extreme and basically boasts about how good he really is and guess what, he backs up his claim. Now THAT’S confidence in your abilities. His new track “Got It Going On” is everything that the title states he is, he’s got it going on and he wants everyone to know.
Let’s all scream and shout with confidence. We all know the words to our favorite song and this one is just another one on your list. The chorus in of itself has the hook to the entire song, singing it with such a catchy vocal range and depth that it’s very simple to sing along to. that’s all what us as fans ask for, we want to sing along to our favorite tunes, be it in the shower, car or anywhere we’re currently at.  Let us boast our new found confidence and rejoice this weekend as we get done what we’ve always sought to do. Bring back those dreams, those projects that are still under wraps, that girl or guy we’ve always wanted to talk to, let’s do something about it now that we have the confidence to say we “Got It Going On”. Listen in and gain it all this weekend with My Silent Bravery.
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