Sluka makes it easy on you to decide who’s “Number One”
You’ve had your fair share of get-togethers this Summer but you’re missing that final song to really finish off your night. The final addition for the perfect Summer playlist will be “Number One” by Sluka. Forget the fact that their band name is uber-creative, but it’s the first track that’s been posted to finally include a ukulele. Yes, the ukulele is essential to any Summer jam that really wants to make it’s way to the radio waves. It’s the ultimate instrument to insinuate relaxation. Not only the up-strumming from the chords being played, but also the string-plucking that helps drive the good vibes as far as the sound waves can go.
This is the first track off the album, “Colorful Radiation“, which was released June 1st, the perfect date for a Summer album. We chose to cover “Number One” because we’ve had this sort of confidence-boosting week and all the tracks we’ve been receiving are telling the same tale, have confidence in your abilities.
We’re so deeply enchanted with what each member of the band brings to the table. The kicker in all of this is the drummer and the synthesizer have so much chemistry between each other. The way they can easily jump from a slow jam to a groovy tune within the same track is amazing, all while not blowing the tempo. The synthesizers are weirdly psychedelic for a track that has the Summer vibe, but in the end, it meshes well, it works in cohesion with the sound.
 The Summer jams of 2017 are awaiting and the last track of your playlist can’t wait to have it’s repeat button hit. Let the good times roll with Sluka’s “Number One”.
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