Spotify Could Be Ruining Your Phone or Computer


Spotify users have experienced severe issues with the platform since June thanks to a bug that has fed on users’ device storage for at least five months. The news comes from an exclusive report by Ars Technica.

According to the media group, “the Spotify music streaming app has been assaulting users’ storage devices with enough data to potentially take years off their expected lifespans.”

The bug can download tens or hundreds of gigabytes to devices such as laptops and smartphones in an hour, even if the app isn’t being used and users don’t store songs locally.

While the immediate impact of such a bug may go unnoticed, over time it can cause solid state drives to die years before their life expectancy is up. The bug was first noticed by subscribers in June.

Reporters at Ars were able to experience the bug firsthand and said the app used 5-10 GB of storage in under an hour and hit 700 GB when left running for over a day.

“This is a *major* bug that currently affects thousands of users,” Spotify user Paul Miller told Ars. “If for example, Castrol Oil lowered your engine’s life expectancy by five to 10 years, I imagine most users would want to know, and that fact *should* be reported on.”

Spotify would not respond to questions from Ars but released a statement shortly after the article was published.

“We’ve seen some questions in our community around the amount of written data using the Spotify client on desktop. These have been reviewed and any potential concerns have now been addressed in version 1.0.42, currently rolling out to all users,” a spokesperson said.

If fixed as promised, all Spotify users should download the new update when it is released to Windows and Mac computers in the next few days.

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