Monday, January 30

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Awkward, Misguided Kindred Lets Down Its Source Material | TV/Streaming

“Kindred” is filled with moments where the craft fails to match the story, opting for visually bland design choices at every turn. The plantation, the clothes, the period detail lack a lived-in quality. When Dana and Kevin arrive at the plantation of the drunkard slave owner Thomas Weylin (Ryan Kwanten), for instance, we learn that since the death of his wife and his remarriage to Margaret (Gayle Rankin), that the grounds and home has, in some respects, fallen into disrepair. And yet, nothing in the set dressing tells us that. Even when relatives of the Weylins visit, and they chide Tom and Margaret on selling off the finer items, it doesn’t immediately hit amid the seeming opulence. That same generic aesthetic carries over to the shooting of the series: Inert compositions that re...