Monday, January 30

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If These Walls Could Sing movie review (2022)

In “If These Walls Could Sing,” McCartney slips nearer to recounting her father’s history with the space. And yet, the documentary, coming to Disney+, captures the soul and the earworm tunes that emanated from the studio’s surroundings with an endearing ease.  Unfortunately, her film falls short of the example set by Greg ‘Freddy’ Camalier’s incisive recollection of FAME studios in “Muscle Shoals.” While Camalier’s vision thoughtfully parses the mythology, scandals, and music to offer a complete portrait of what made those four walls so special, McCartney becomes too bogged down in purely rendering a jukebox-driven recounting of events.  We get a few biographical notes about Abbey Road: How it was founded as EMI studios, how George Martin became attached to the company, an...