This Week Only: 'Thank You For Joanne' Fan Project

This Week Only: ‘Thank You For Joanne’ Fan Project


Lady Gaga’s new album is here! Joanne was released on Friday and delivers some of Gaga’s most touching music yet. From “Diamond Heart” to “Angel Down,” let us know how this album has affected you!

Whether “Joanne” helped you cope with the loss of a loved one or “Million Reasons” was exactly what you needed to hear at the moment, or even if you just loved dancing to “AYO” on your way to work, now is your chance to say “Thank you” to Lady Gaga!

We are currently collecting letters from YOU to publish on our site and as part of our very special Joanne project. The deadline for your submissions is this Friday by 6 PM EST, so don’t delay!

Rules and Guidelines for submissions:

  • Letters must be no longer than 250 words.
  • Please include your name and age in your submission
  • Email letters to or use the form below.

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Corey Ware

Corey Ware, 22, is a self-taught musician and songwriter who looks up to Lady Gaga and other creative energies. Corey is an old soul trying to change the world through self-expression. A former student of Penn State, Corey believes the best way to learn about art is to live and breath it.

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