Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love And Thunder was expected to be the next great Marvel movie. Instead, it’s found itself among the lowest-rated Marvel movies on Rotten Tomatoes. What went wrong exactly..? And why couldn’t the film measure up to the previous success of Thor: Ragnarok? As far as everyone knew, Taika Waititi and Marvel were a winning combo.

Here’s how its Rotten Tomatoes score stacks up against the worst-reviewed MCU films so far:

  • Iron Man 2 – 72
  • Thor: Love and Thunder – 67
  • The Incredible Hulk – 67
  • Thor: The Dark World – 66
  • Eternals – 47

After the devastating critical reception that Eternals received, Marvel has been unable to reach the earlier heights they enjoyed with films like Black Panther or Avengers: Endgame. There’s a big question here. Is that because the movies coming out are actually worse, or are people just losing their taste for what Marvel has on offer?THOR: LOVE AND THUNDERMarvel

In the grand scheme of things though, the score Thor: Love And Thunder received isn’t detrimental to the overall ranking of the MCU as a whole. The composite score for all movies in the shared universe is now 83 percent, and it’s extremely uncommon that it moves by even a single percentage point thanks to the sheer number of movies under the umbrella.

Criticisms of the film vary, but overall, it seems that fans and critics alike agree that a lot of the emotional pathos in the film was undercut by humor. This is nothing new for Marvel movies. There’s almost always a comic relief character, a cute character, or just something to give the audience a break from the giant stakes explored in the film. Maybe it’s just the fact that this movie centers around a huge tragedy… and that tragedy isn’t Gorr. It isn’t some cosmic threat. It’s illness itself.

Thor: Love And Thunder: Plot Holes and Unanswered Questions

These parts of Thor: Love and Thunder just don’t quite add up…

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