Top 10 Lorde lyrics

Two years after the release of Pure Heroine, the hype for Lorde’s next album has started! In a recent interview, the singer/songwriter claimed she was a lot more confident in her new music.

According to Lorde, the new album will be different and better than Pure Heroine.

She said, “I think I’ve learnt so much as a songwriter, there’s going to be so much of an improvement because of that.”

“I wrote the last album about that world which was the suburb where I grew up and populated by my friends and people who were really familiar to me.” She continued by saying, “Now I’m in a different place every day and I’m with new people every day and it’s a different vibe.”

With all this Lorde excitement, we’ve jumped on the hype train and compiled a list of our favorite Lorde lyrics!

“My friends and I we’ve cracked the code/
We count our dollars on the train to the party/
And everyone who knows us knows/
That we’re fine with this, we didn’t come from money”

– “Royals

“We wouldn’t be seen dead here in the day / I guess you’re lucky that it’s dark now / And if I like it then we’ll stay / Impress the empress / Take a shot now.”

– “White Teeth Teens


“We’re never done with killing time/
Can I kill it with you?/
‘Til the veins run red and blue/
We come around here all the time/
Got a lot to not do, let me kill it with you.”

– “400 LUX


“You’ve been drinking like the world was gonna end/
Took a shiner from the fist of your best friend (go figure)
It’s clear that someone’s gotta go/
We mean it, but I promise we’re not mean”

– “Glory And Gore

“Because I’m doing this for the thrill of it, killin’ it/

Never not chasing a million things I want/
And I am only as young as the minute is full of it/
Getting pumped up from the little bright things I bought”

– “Tennis Court


“This dream isn’t feeling sweet/
We’re reeling through the midnight streets/
And I’ve never felt more alone/
It feels so scary getting old”

– “Ribs


“We’ve both got a million bad habits to kick, not sleeping is one./
We’re biting our nails, you’re biting my lip, I’m biting my tongue.”

– “A World Alone


“And now people talk to me, but nothing ever hits home/
People talk to me, and all the voices just burn holes./
I’m done with it”

– “Yellow Flicker Beat


“Today is my birthday, and I’m riding high/
Hair is dripping, hiding that I’m terrified/
But this is summer, playing dumber than in fall”

– “Still Sane


“I remember when your head caught flame/
It kissed your scalp and caressed your brain/
Well you laughed, baby it’s okay/
It’s buzzcut season anyway”

– “Buzzcut Season


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