TRAILER: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star Is Born’

Promotion for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s upcoming remake of A Star Is Born has begun with today’s release of the (absolutely stunning) trailer and the launch of the film’s official Twitter account.

Within the first five hours of the trailer’s release, the clip had been viewed at least 5.9 million times on YouTube and social media.

“It’s a dream come true and an honor to be a part of this incredible movie. Bradley’s ability as a director, actor and musician is astounding. It’s called ‘A Star Is Born,’ and I’m beyond thrilled for you to meet Jack and Ally,” Lady Gaga tweeted.

The film, which is directed by Cooper, will hit theaters this October and is expected to be followed by an official soundtrack. Check out the trailer, stills from the film, and promotional photos below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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