Vidya Vox: Queen of Bollywood + Western Pop Mashups

VidyaVidya Iyer, known as Vidya Vox on Youtube, is going to be your next favorite artist. Her channel has already garnered the attention of some of the biggest stars, including Diplo and famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. Being born in Chennai and growing up in the United States influenced Vidya to fuse those two huge parts of her life into one thing: music. Her Bollywood + Western pop mashup covers are refreshing to hear and the videos themselves are visual masterpieces, being filmed in beautiful Indian outfits against the backdrop of aesthetically pleasing locations. Still wondering why there’s so much buzz around Vidya? Well, why don’t you see for yourself?

Check out this ‘Blank Space’ cover. You’ll find yourself wanting to sing along to the mesmerizing Tamil chorus.

Your favorite Bieber song just got better. You won’t be ‘Sorry’ after listening to her creative spin on this song.

You see, Vidya Vox is not just another cover artist on Youtube. Her videos have millions of views and for good reason. Each video she puts out is well thought-out and wonderfully executed. Within the short frame of a three-minute music video, she delivers more than just a song. She delivers culture, colorful visuals, and a refreshing new voice.


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