Viv and the Revival talks new music and Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl

“We’re all here to change the world. We’re here to shake things up. This is your moment, this is your time, this is your world, and this is your Revival.”  This is the statement of an enigmatic young man, who has always been ahead of his time. Viv has been on fire since is debut at a young age, and keeps getting hotter! Earlier this week, we had the chance to catch up with Viv and ask about his upcoming music.

Viv released his EP The Introduction through Republic Records. which yielded numerous high-profile TV placements. With its incendiary lick and spirited energy, “Fire” fueled a prominent Bud Lite spot that ran during the Summer Olympics. Other placements followed including The Voice in the United States, Australia, and England as well as numerous ads and shows on HBO, NBC, MTV, CW, EPIX, ESPN, TeenNick, and more. His hit single “I Want It” lit up a Verizon commercial. His recent single “Hurricane,” (below) with its “live fast, die young” sentiment, was used by FOX to advertise the 2017 Super Bowl. Just recently, Viv showcased his talents on live TV performing “I Want it” on GMA.

POPULOVE: How did you come up with the name “Viv and the Revival?”

Viv: I was going through a pretty tough time in the music business, and needed a fresh outlook on things. I wanted a new beginning and the word revival really spoke to me at the time. It signified a resurgence of passion for music to me.

POPULOVE: You grew up around music. How has your style evolved from the music you’ve grown up with? How do you make your sound unique?

Viv: I’m influenced by anything and everything I’ve ever listened to when I write. I listen to it all, and appreciate all kinds of music, so I try a lot of different things in the songs and production. I’m really comfortable mixing genres together.

POPULOVE: Your music has been everywhere on TV including an ad for the Super Bowl! How did that happen?

Viv: It started when my manager introduced me to the Jingle Punks team a while ago. They put my songs on a bunch of things on tv. Then, I met Jared at Junto Sounds who got me the Verizon placement. That changed everything and my whole life. Ever since I’ve been racking them up haha, its definitely still a crazy feeling every time you hear your songs on TV.

POPULOVE: What did you think of the Super Bowl halftime show by Lady Gaga?

Viv: It was great! That girl is so fearless with everything she does, she’s definitely an inspiration even beyond just music.

POPULOVE: You’re currently working on new music. What can you say about your future releases?

Viv: These are my favorite songs I’ve ever worked on! I really enjoy working with the team I had on these tracks, Patrick Mencel and Ian Walsh, super talented dudes who just love making great music. We were all on the same page with the things we were trying to create.

POPULOVE: What is the inspiration driving these new tracks? 

Viv: I get inspired by so many things to write about on a daily basis. It always has a personal connection to me, but is rarely specifically about me. I just write about things that everyone can relate to in their lives, love, break-ups, sex, too much partying, drugs etc.

POPULOVE: How was performing on GMA? Will you be taking your music on tour?

Viv: GMA was amazing! Everyone was really nice and professional over there. The whole experience was so surreal, and then watching it on TV was wild.

POPULOVE: What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Faded?” 

Viv: It was written about a relationship gone sour. A relationship where everything is great when you’re messed up on alcohol or drugs, but when it all wears off, it leaves you empty.

Check out Viv and the Revival’s music on Spotify here!

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