Watch American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 1

The much anticipated and highly secretive sixth season premiere of American Horror Story on FX finally arrived Wednesday night, leaving fans eager for the next episode.

This week’s theme is My Roanoke Nightmare, the true story of a happily married couple who move into a house on the same land where 16th century English settlers disappeared from their colony on Roanoke Island in 1590.

Season 6’s overall theme has not been made clear, but based on this episode we’d guess that this season holds many themes and will share a number of true American horror stories.

A quote from AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy hints at that possibility. Read what he told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview last month:

You’ll see [seasons starting to come together] this season, and then you’ll really see it after this season. We lay a lot of pipe, and you’ll see it explode in seasons seven and eight.

What did you think of the season premiere? Let us know in the comments, or relive Season 5 here.

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