Watch: Macklemore and Lil Yatchy team up for ‘Marmalade’

Macklemore is continuing his post-Ryan Lewis journey with his latest single and video for “Marmalade.” The rapper recently shared that he was taking a break with his collaborator of 9 years, but promised the duo would return.

Macklemore shared the news to fans via an Instagram note last month to release “Glorious.”

After the last tour, Ryan and I agreed that some creative space would be good for the both of us. Ryan Lewis is my brother forever. We have been working together damn near every day for 9 years and it felt like the right time. This decision came from a place of love for one another. I’m the best man at his wedding next month. There will be more M&RL music to come when the time is right. And you’ll be hearing from Ryan very, very soon (he has some incredible records that are about to drop with other artists). So, last November, I built a studio in the basement of my home and got back to the basics. I was able to find a balance with my art, recovery and being a dad. I felt the perfect amount of removal from an industry that can be tricky to spiritually navigate.

I wanted to be around Sloane and Tricia as much as possible. I wanted to make an album and raise my baby girl. So here it is. The first song from my new album is “Glorious.” It features the incredibly talented Skylar Grey and was produced by Budo with additional production from Tyler Dopps (Aka DAMN DUDE). It felt like the right record to come back with, embarking on this new chapter of life.

in the Macklemore and Jason Koenig- directed video, a mini Mack and lil Yatchy take a joy ride with their fathers’ money. “Marmalade” also features cameos from the real Macklemore and Yachty, as well as legendary Seattle Seahawks runningback Marshawn Lynch.

“I be riding through the town, town, town,” the chorus sings on the track over a looping piano rift. Watch the video below:

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