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Watch: Paul Rey covers Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

Following the release of his debut EP Good As Hell last summer, pop newcomer Paul Rey has won hearts around the world while touring solo and with friends like Fifth Harmony. Now the Sweden native is exposing his sweet but powerful vocals to Justin Bieber fans with a cover of the hit track “Love Yourself.” Watch below.

Paul Rey is a 23 year-old Swedish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who knew he wanted to be a performer at the age of 11, when his father took him to Sweden’s largest music festival in Malmö. Ever since, Paul has committed himself to writing uplifting, relatable and sonically diverse songs that he hopes to inspire people.

Paul was inspired to write in English from listening to 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Eminem and began collecting his stories and telling them through rap, establishing himself as a seasoned rap battler in the process.


After seeing Paul Rey perform live last year, POPULOVE staff instantly fell in love. His stage presence, songwriting, and vocal ability make it clear that Paul Rey isn’t new to the music game; America just didn’t know he was playing.

In an interview with POPULOVE, Paul compared American audiences to his fans back home.

“The audience in the states are very passionate, and I love that about them! They communicate a lot,” he said. “They send videos, they send pictures, they mix lyrics with pictures and everything else. In Sweden, it’s more like ‘I heard your song. It’s great. Keep going,’ and that’s it.”

Check out Paul Rey’s original music below, and catch our review of one of his live show’s here.

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