Will.i.am mocks Donald Trump in ‘Grab’m By The P—-y’ video


Will.i.am and Funny Or Die released a music video mocking Donald Trump’s leaked Access Hollywood recording in which the Presidential candidate talks openly about sexual abuse.

The video, titled “Grab’m By The P—-y,” gets its name from an actual quote by Trump from 2005, a comment the nominee dismisses as “locker room banter.” Will.i.am portrays a Trump-ish looking character named Donald T. Rump, who thinks he can use his power to do what he wants.

“I’m a star ’cause I made it/ I’m rich and I’m famous,” the song begins. “Donald Trump said to grab you by the p—–y/ Donald Trump said to grab you by the p—–y,” Will.i.am sings.

And much like the REAL Donald Trump, Will.i.am willingly dismays his female counterpart’s claims of strength. Liana V. sings “No, you got it all wrong/ I’m a woman/ and I’m strong/ and don’t you forget it,” in the music clip.

After the music video, Will.i.am breaks character to warn voters to not vote for Trump.

“OK, it’s obvious: I don’t look like Donald Trump,” he says. “But what’s more obvious is, Donald Trump doesn’t look like the president of the United States of America. Nor should he be.”

Check out the video below:
Warning: video contains inappropriate language.

The Black Eyed Peas star isn’t the first celebrity to join Funny Or Die during this election season. Last month, Katy Perry starred in a video urging people to get out and vote! The catch? Perry’s skimming of the Constitution led her to believe it was okay to vote naked.

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