Zedd’s ‘True Colors’ is melodic genius

Groundbreaking DJ and producer Zedd has returned with a brand new second album, officially christened True Colors. Having broken through to the pop atmosphere with the success of his debut, True Colors finds Zedd collaborating with a multitude of other artists and well known figures within the industry including Selena Gomez and Echosmith. The result is an effusion of electronic, pop, industrial and melodic genius.

Album opener and first single “Addicted To A Memory” mixes rich vocals by Bahari, heavy, electro house beats and progressive synth keyboards that some would argue breaks up the direction of the genre but which only serves to cement Zedd as a true master of his craft, balancing both classical melodies and hard-hitting electronic surges to create a new and ear-bending sound altogether.

This synth-industrial buzz continues into the eighth track “Papercut,” a seven-minute-long, intense piano riff featuring Troye Sivan. This is yet another song that leaves you lost inside the thrashing instrumentals, a trait that Zedd is well known for. Everything from the bass to the driving synth tones lifts this whole album into the air.

Some tracks such as “Bumblebee” are reminiscent of work from his previous album, the ticking clock effect being a throwback to “Hourglass” and the heavy drum beat akin to “Shave It Up.” Still, True Colors shows Zedd’s growth as a producer and was worth the wait.

True Colors as a whole is an energetic EDM banger, complete with heavy levels of sledgehammer production and impressive vocals. The way certain tracks build up and become sonic explosions of sound that end up rattling around your head is a big stand out feature of this album. The instrumentals really do blow you away and serve as testament to Zedd’s strong position in the pop EDM stratosphere.

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