Tuesday, October 4

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Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Announced for PS VR2

A fan-favorite Star Wars virtual reality title is making its way to PlayStation VR 2. During Sony’s State of Play event today, Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition was announced for PSVR 2. It will arrive on the VR headset next year, which means it could wind up being a launch game but no specifics were given as to when it (or the headset itself) will launch beyond a vague “2023.” The action game features players as a droid repair technician that goes up against a group of pirates. Plenty of familiar faces will be seen throughout, so expect some solid fan service. Check out the Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition trailer below: “Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is an action-adventure experience where you’ll take on the ...
Aliens Game Announced From Creed VR Developer

Aliens Game Announced From Creed VR Developer

While some have messed with unofficial VR mods in Alien: Isolation, there hasn’t been an official Aliens VR game. Survios is changing that with its newly announced Aliens video game. It doesn’t have a title or trailer — only the key art at the top of the article — but it is coming to VR platforms in addition to consoles and PC, none of which were explicitly spelled out. This untitled Aliens game will be a single-player action horror title. There’s not much else to go on, but more details will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21 during the “Alien: Expanding a Dark and Frightening Universe” panel. Chief Product Officer TQ Jefferson spoke briefly about the game along with Survios’ overall goal and how this Aliens game fits into that. “W...