Kesha parties hard on new album ‘High Road’

Kesha is back again! This time with her anticipated album, High Road, which released Friday (January 31) alongside Meghan Trainor’s Treat Myself. The 32-year-old singer talks about her latest album, High Road, in a new interview with WSJ. Magazine, and says it’s about not letting a “tragedy” define her. In 2014, Kesha […]


Kesha Documentary Coming to Apple Music in August

Kesha keeps fans updated on YouTube with behind the scenes footage from her ongoing tour with Macklemore, but the “Praying” singer just announced a deeper look into her life: Rainbow – The Film. The new documentary will premiere on Apple Music on August 10, one year after the release of […]


The Lawsuit Against Kesha is About to Get A Whole Lot Messier

*Trigger Warning* As you probably already know, Kesha’s alleged rapist and famous Top 40 producer Lukas “Dr. Luke” Gottwald is still chipping away at his defamation lawsuit against the “Rainbow” singer. The story has been back in the headlines as of late thanks to two big reveals: that Dr. Luke […]


Dr. Luke Expects $50 Million in Kesha Lawsuit

According to documents recently filed in the Dr. Luke / Kesha legal case, the producer is seeking $50 million from the “Praying” singer for financial damages he says are a result of her sexual harassment allegations. The lawsuit began in 2014 when Luke sued Kesha for defamation and breach of […]


Lady Gaga to Testify Against Dr. Luke in September

Late last month, Dr. Luke subpoenaed Lady Gaga in his case against Kesha Sebert, claiming the Joanne singer had text messages with Kesha that would help win his defamation case against her sexual assault allegations. Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, submitted four pages of heavily-redacted text messages. Now, after refusing to […]


20 Empowering Pop Songs to Beat Depression

We all need a break sometimes, right? I know I do. Whether I’m going through a terrible breakup, sitting by the phone waiting to find out about a friend in the hospital, or just overcome with so much anxiety I don’t want to get out of bed, depression will find […]


Kesha shows true colors on ‘Rainbow’ album

Artwork by Andantonius They say there is always a rainbow after the storm, and no truer words can be spoken about Kesha’s grand return. On Rainbow, Kesha kisses the autotuned-trope of her previous albums goodbye and welcomes a comeback worthy of deeming her greatest work yet. Following a five year […]