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Bob Returns In New ‘That 90s Show’ Clip

That ’90s Show is probably one of the most eagerly-awaited sitcom revivals in a long time. Luckily, some old favorites are returning… Including Bob. Bob is a bit of a divisive character, especially for Kitty and Red. When he shows up at the house for a birthday party unannounced, Kitty is delighted while Red is much less excited. Bob Pinciotti, portrayed by Don Stark, is Donna’s father and neighbor to Red and Kitty Foreman. The premise of the revival is that all of the teen cast members of That ’70s Show have since grown up, and moved on to live their lives. That being said, there’s a whole new crop of kids growing up in the ’90s for Red and Kitty to look after (to the best of their abilities). While the main cast will mostly consist of a new generation of kids, old c...