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M3GAN hot on the heels of Avatar 2

The first weekend of 2023 is in the books and as expected the behemoth known as Avatar: The Way of Water continued its utter domination with another $45 million added to its till to bring the James Cameron directed sequel to an impressive $516.7 million domestic. As impressive as that number is stateside, the real magic is happening outside of the domestic box office as the sequel, according to Cameron himself, has hit its break even point, with a total of over $1.5 billon, and now he must make the next films in the franchise.  I must be honest, there is something I’m still not understanding about all of this “break-even” stuff: the film had a reported budget around $450 million, so all of these “break-even” reports are based on that, but Cameron said he filmed the bulk of the third mo...