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Linus Roache Reflects on Batman Begins: Christopher Nolan Was ‘Magical’

During a recent interview with ComingSoon, actor Linus Roache revealed how he looks back on his time working with critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan on the first of his iconic Batman films. Roache, who played Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins, spoke about how only seven days of work on the film has impacted his entire life. “I look back on it like, ‘Wow, that was seven days’ work and I seem to get more recognition or acknowledgment for it than many things I’ve done!’ The beginning of an iconic era of Batman and I don’t think I realized how significant it was going to be,” Roache stated. “People come and quote that line at me, ‘Why do we fall down, Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up again.’ People say, ‘That changed my life. That really helped.’ ...