This summer’s big DC movie is called The Flash, but really it seems to be based on Flashpoint, a hugely important DC comic which saw the Flash travel back in time to save his mom and then accidentally change the entire DC Universe in the process. The changes included some familiar Justice League characters being wiped out of existence and others being radically changed — like Batman, who turned out to be Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce Wayne, because in this altered timeline, the mugger had killed Bruce instead of his parents.

While not all of these events line up to what we see in The Flash trailer, a lot of them do — like using an older version of Michael Keaton’s Batman in basically the same role that Thomas Wayne served in Flashpoint. But that’s just one of the many Easter eggs and little details you might have missed in this very cool Flash trailer. They include which Batsuits we see in the Batcave, which scenes are flashbacks, exactly what universe the movie is set in, and we’ll also give you a wild theory about who the secret villain of the film really is. Check out the video below for that and a whole lot more:

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