According to Deadline, Cineverse has acquired the North American distribution rights to the South Korean thriller Devils, which centers around a detective who unexpectedly switches body with a serial killer. Following its international premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival, Cineverse is expected to release the film this fall on Bloody Disgusting’s streaming platform Screambox.

“Screambox fans are going to go nuts for Kim Jae-hoon’s psychological thriller,” Bloody Disgusting/Cineverse managing director Brad Miska said in a statement. “The film’s suspense and psychological intensity are reminiscent of the classic thriller Face/Off infused with a horror twist and gory brutality.”

What to Expect in Devils?

Devils is written and directed by Kim Jae-hoom. The film stars Jang Dong-yoon (The Tale of Nokdu), Choi Gwi-ha (The Outlaws), Jang Jae-ho (Eccentric! Chef Moon), Son Jong-hak (Flower of Evil), Oh Dae-hwan (May I Help You), and Shin Seung-hwan (Bad Prosecutor). It is produced by Gu Sung-mok, with Cho Il-hyung and Kim Sang-yoon serving as executive producers.

“The film follows a determined homicide detective assigned to take down a ring of serial killers, who has a personal motivation as one of the victims is his own brother-in-law,” reads the synopsis. “When he finally collides with a murderer, an unexpected turn of events leaves him waking up in hospital trapped in the body of the very killer he sought to apprehend.”

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