Billions star David Costabile has revealed that he ate quite a few cheeseburgers during the filming of a scene from Season 3. Billions Season 7 debuts on Paramount+ With Showtime on Friday, August 11.

In a video posted to the official Billions Twitter account, Costabile recounted a story about eating 16 cheeseburgers during the filming of a scene — including raw ones.

“Damian[Lewis] and I were on the balcony and we had to eat bacon double chili cheeseburgers because we were doing a taste test,” Costabile stated. “I ate 16 fucking bacon double chili cheeseburgers. Unfortunately the cook got behind, so he had to burn the outside, so it looked like a hamburger, but it was raw meat. And I had to take these giant bites and I had a mouth full of raw meat and I had to eat it, swallow it, and then talk. And I fucking did it, and I swallowed it.”

Watch Costabile talk about the scene below:

Who stars in Billions?

Billions stars Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Corey Stoll, Maggie Siff, Asia Kate Dillon, David Costabile, Toby Leonard Moore, Condola Rashad, Jeffrey DeMunn, Kelly AuCoin, and Daniel Breaker.

“In season seven, alliances are turned on their heads,” reads the logline. “Old wounds are weaponized. Loyalties are tested. Betrayal takes on epic proportions. Enemies become wary friends. And Bobby Axelrod returns, as the stakes grow from Wall Street to the world.”

Billions is created and executive produced by showrunners Brian Koppelman and David Levien. The series was also created by Andrew Ross Sorkin.

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