Stranger Things star David Harbour and Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer will be co-starring in an upcoming horror video game.

In a recent interview, Harbour was asked about his role in the upcoming Gran Turismo movie adaptation and whether or not he would like to star in a video game in the future. The actor then revealed that he already had, and said that he and Comer would be appearing together in a game that’s set to release sometime in 2023.

“I actually have one coming out,” Harbour revealed to FanNation. “Me and Jodie Comer did a video game. That’ll be coming out… I think it’s next year. A horror game.”

Harbour didn’t expand on any other details in his surprising statement. However, if the game is truly releasing in 2023, then more information about it should be coming out sometime in the near future.

Harbour’s currently starring in the recently released Violent Night, which sees him portray Santa Claus, who must go on a revenge-filled rampage when he arrives in a home filled with thieves. Comer is currently in the middle of filming two new films, The End We Start From and The Bikeriders.

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