Elizabeth Olsen plays the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as one of the most powerful mutants of all in the Marvel Comics, Olsen is hoping that the movie side of things will eventually get to explore the X-Men and her character’s connection to them.

What did Elizabeth Olsen say about the X-Men?

Speaking at the TJH Superhero Car Show & Comic Con this week, Olsen was asked where she’d like to see Scarlet Witch go in the future. Olsen was quick to answer, saying that she’d just love to “figure out the whole mutant thing,” before noting that she knows that there’s nothing anyone can do about it at the moment. However, she did say she’d like to explore it.

“Oh gosh, I just want to figure out the whole Mutant thing,” said Olsen. “Like, that’s really…and none of us can do anything about it. Like, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not X-Men, but gosh. I just would love to explore that so much. I think, X-Men was definitely my first experience with superhero-type films.”

Although the X-Men have yet to officially make their way into the MCU, Marvel Studios has seemingly been setting the stage for them. During the Disney+ series WandaVision, fans believed that Disney hinted that Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff was teased to be a mutant, as Agatha Harkness noted that Maximoff’s proximity to an infinity stone “amplified” something that was already inside of her.

Other, stronger references to the X-Men in the MCU have come in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel. In the closing minutes of the finale, it’s revealed that Kamala has her powers due to a mutation in her genetics, at which point the iconic X-Men animated series theme music begins playing.

While it’s unclear when the X-Men will officially make their way into the MCU, the groundwork is being laid out by Marvel Studios, so Olsen may be getting her wish sooner rather than later.

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