The My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer opening theme song has revealed new information and details. The anime’s official website has confirmed the news.

Who is playing the My Daughter Left the Nest opening song?

Yoshino Nanjo is going to perform the opening theme song “Sen,” which translates to “Flash of Light.” Meanwhile, Nagi Yanagi is the artist for the ending theme song titled “Homeward Journey.”

The anime is coming out on October 2023, and Typhoon Graphics is in charge of the animation. The series was announced on November 1, 2022. There was also confirmation of who is voicing the three Bordeaux sisters, which are Marina Inoue as Helvetica Bordeaux, Saku Mizuno as Sasha Bordeaux, and Kana Ichinose as Seren Bordeaux.

The main cast of the series also includes Saori Hayami as Angeline, Junichi Suwabe as Belgrieve, Rumi Okubo as Miriam, and Maki Kawase as Anessa.

Takeshi Mori is the chief director, and Jun Shibata is the character designer. Yuichiro Momose oversees the scripts, and Naoki Murata is the director.

What is the series about?

It’s a novel series that author Mojikakiya wrote. It started publication on September 2017 and finished on January 2020.

The story begins with Belgrieve, an adventurer that declined after losing his leg. However, he finds a baby girl and raises her as his own, calling her Angeline. Angeline goes on to become a famous and successful adventurer in her own right, but everything she wants now is to see her dad. However, there are some obstacles along the way.

My Daughter Left the Nest also enjoyed a light novel series that ran from 2018 to 2021. The series has eleven volumes, and J-Novel Club is publishing them in English. This is also the novel’s first-ever anime adaptation. It currently has a manga adaptation drawn by Kyu Urushibara and started May 2018 and has six volumes.

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