The Dive poster for the forthcoming survival thriller has been released, which hails from the producers of 7500 and Stowaway movies. The film will center around two sisters stuck 28 meters below sea level when their diving trip goes horribly awry. It’s scheduled to arrive in theaters on August 25.

Who’s Involved in The Dive?

The Dive is directed by Max Erlenwein from a screenplay he co-wrote wrote with Joachim Hedén. The film is led by Louisa Krause as May and Sophie Lowe as Drew. It is produced by Maximilian Leo, Jonas Katzenstein, Pierre Ellul, and Anika Psaila Savona. Executive producers are Heden, Julia Gebauer, Jonas Sorensson, Philipp Stendebach, Doris Schrenner, Dave Bishop, George Hamilton, Luane Gauer, and Janina Vilsmaier.

“A deep-sea diving trip at one of the world’s most remote spots becomes a fight for survival for sisters Drew and May when a catastrophic landslide sends rocks tumbling into the sea,” reads the synopsis. “After being struck by the rockfall, May now lies 28 meters below the surface, trapped by debris and unable to move. With dangerously low levels of oxygen, it is up to Drew to fight for her sister’s life. She must put her own life in jeopardy and risk paying the ultimate sacrifice. But with no help in sight, time is quickly running out…”

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