As football fans eagerly wait for the upcoming season, there are some top matches that should not be missed. These matches are sure to be a thrilling experience for both fans and players alike, bringing together some of the best football teams and players in the world. This article will cover the top 10 upcoming football matches you can’t afford to miss this season.

1. Manchester United vs. Liverpool

One of the most-anticipated matches of the season is the Manchester United vs. Liverpool match. These teams have always been fiercely competitive with each other, and this upcoming match promises to be nothing less than that. United and Liverpool are both top teams in the English Premier League and have a strong rivalry that dates back decades. With both teams having a strong line of talented players, the match is sure to be a nail-biter.

2. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Another highly anticipated match on the cards this season is the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid showdown. This fixture is one of the biggest rivalries in football worldwide, with both teams having a passionate fanbase. Both teams boast some of the game’s most incredible players, such as Lionel Messi on Barcelona and Sergio Ramos on Real Madrid. The match will be a treat for any football enthusiast, and it’s a contest that could go either way.

3. Chelsea vs. Manchester City

Two of the English Premier League’s most successful clubs, Chelsea and Manchester City, will lock horns in cross-city rivalries this season. After an indifferent campaign last season, Chelsea has invested heavily in their squad, bringing in new manager Thomas Tuchel and key players like Romelu Lukaku. On the other hand, Manchester City has been a consistent force in recent times, winning the Premier League three times in the last four years. The fixture expects to be tight, with both teams looking to claim bragging rights.

4. Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund

The German Bundesliga is known for its competitiveness, and one match that’s sure to keep fans glued to their seats is the Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund. Bayern Munich has been ruling the Bundesliga with an iron fist in recent years, winning nine league titles in a row until their defeat last season to Dortmund. With Bayern’s star player, Robert Lewandowski, facing off against his former team, emotions are expected to run high in the encounter.

5. Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid

Another classic that promises to be a thrilling encounter is the Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid fixture. These two fierce rivals could not be more different in terms of playing style, but the intensity is always high in derbies. Atletico Madrid has been a dominant force in Spanish football in the recent past, with their solid defense proving to be a match-winner in many contests. But don’t count Real Madrid out of this tie, as they have a wealth of attacking talent in their squad.

6. AC Milan vs. Juventus

The Italian Serie A fixture between AC Milan and Juventus promises to be an exciting clash. These two giants have been dominant forces in Italian football, with both teams securing 36 league titles between them. In the previous season, AC Milan had a strong display, finishing second in the Serie A, while Juventus struggled, ending in fourth place. The encounter between these two teams, which boast some of the best Italian and international players, is set to be a thrilling contest.

7. Paris Saint-Germain vs. Marseille

The Ligue 1 fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille may not have the same historical significance as some other fixtures, but it’s a match that never fails to disappoint fans. Paris Saint-Germain has been a dominant force in French football, with a strong squad of talented players that includes Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. Marseille will rely on their scrappy and physical style of play to go head-to-head with the Parisians, which promises to be an entertaining match.

8. Manchester United vs. Manchester City

The two Manchester heavyweights are set to face off this season in what’s become one of the most highly anticipated fixtures in the English Premier League. Manchester United and Manchester City are both talented squads that are capable of lighting up the pitch with their attacking football. With city bragging rights on the line, this titanic clash promises to be an entertaining encounter.

9. Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

The derby between Arsenal and Tottenham has always been a fixture that fans on both sides eagerly look forward to. Both teams have been going through a rebuilding process in the last few seasons, and the match offers a chance for their new recruits to assert themselves. With passionate support from both sides, the game is sure to be an intense and entertaining one.

10. Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Finally, the encounter between Liverpool and Chelsea will provide a great opportunity for fans to see two of the English Premier League’s biggest clubs go head to head. Liverpool has been one of the most dominant teams in recent times, while Chelsea has made significant investments in new players. With some of the game’s most exceptional talent on show, the match will undoubtedly be one of the most hotly contested fixtures of the season.


There you have it, the top 10 upcoming football matches that you can’t afford to miss this season. From fierce derbies to intense rivalries, there’s something exciting in store for all football enthusiasts. Regardless of which team you support, these matches promise to be exhilarating and entertaining. So, get ready to strap in, because the football season is about to kick off with a bang!

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