Oppenheimer has been wowing audiences for almost two weeks now, but some folks who haven’t yet seen it are wondering “When will Oppenheimer leave movie theaters and IMAX cinemas?” Here’s when the new Christopher Nolan movie is expected to leave cinemas.

When will Oppenheimer stop being shown in movie theaters?

Oppenheimer is scheduled to leave IMAX theaters on August 17.

However, IMAX has confirmed that, following this initial extension “through August 16/17”, Oppenheimer may receive additional showtimes “in the late summer/fall, as availability permits.”

As for non-IMAX theatres, the expectation is to lower the number of screens assigned to the Oppenheimer starting on August 19, which is just over four weeks from the movie’s initial release (alongside the hit Barbie movie).

Generally, you can expect blockbuster movies to last one month in cinemas, though that time is sometimes extended, albeit with far fewer screenings.

It’s worth noting that, in special cases, hugely successful movies can remain in theaters for multiple months. With that said, it’s not guaranteed that Oppenheimer will receive such treatment as, while it has been a big success, viewer numbers will be trending downwards, so don’t depend on this being a factor.

If you haven’t yet seen Oppenheimer but still plan to watch it on the big screen, it’s likely a good idea if you make plans to see it before the end of August 17. This is especially true if you hope to see it at an IMAX theater.

Should the movie return for additional showings, this post will be updated with the latest official information. Here’s hoping everyone who wants to watch Oppenheimer on the big screen, is able to.

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