The Flash has many enemies, many of whom are evil variants, one of which is Dark Flash. Here is the need-to-know info about the evil version of Barry Allen. Spoilers below!

Who is Dark Flash in The Flash movie?

The Dark Flash is an evil variant of Barry Allen from 2013.

Barry Allen from 2013 turns evil due to continuously turning back time in an attempt to save Supergirl and Batman. After his continuous defeat at the hands of General Zod and his fellow Kryptonians.

Dark Flash becomes the main villain of The Flash movie. His battle with the good version of Flash results in universes colliding, which leads to appearances from previous Flash, Batman, and Superman actors.

The Dark Flash regularly appears in the comics and also the TV show. However, the movie puts a unique spin on the character, with his armor formed by the Kryptonian weaponry that falls victim to. This results in a similar appearance to his comic book/TV show counterpart, but has context within the events of the movie.

For lovers of The Flash comic books and/or TV show, seeing Dark Flash appear in the movie will be exciting. While it might have been good to see a different actor playing the character, it makes sense that it’s Ezra Miller given the film’s story.

Considering the sheer number of leaks, it’s good to see that Dark Flash was kept relatively secret. While trailers revealed that Flash would be going up against General Zod with the help of Supergirl and Keaton’s Batman, it wasn’t clear if there would be a bigger villain after Zod had been dealt with. Now it’s clear that Dark Flash was the true foe that good Flash needed to defeat.

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