Batman: The Brave and the Bold — the first new Batman film in DC Studios’ impending new movie universe — is going to be a huge project. Luckily, DC is reportedly closing in on a huge director to work on the film.

Andy Muschietti seems to be in the lead, which makes sense, given he just directed The Flash, which features not one but two Batmen, played by Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. Somehow, even after all the trials and travails the film has been through, it’s pleased the studio. The Flash has been through what can only be described as development hell. It’s had multiple delays, production difficulties, reshoots, and the personal issues of its star, Ezra Miller. Despite all of that, it seems, the movie is actually good. DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn even called it “one of the best superhero movies ever.”

Perhaps that’s why, according to THR, Muschietti seems to be “the top choice to direct the Batman feature,” The Brave and the Bold. If he can juggle the strange multiversal shifts of The Flash, he should have no issues navigating the weird family dynamic of the Bat-Family.

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Based on its title and subject — the relationship between Batman and his son, Damian Wayne — the movie is thought to be based on Grant Morrison’s Batman comics run from 2006-2012. Morrison’s comics can sometimes get a little strange, but Muschietti is no stranger to the strange. He started his career when Guillermo del Toro found his short film and hopped on to produce a feature-length studio version. That film became Mama. From there, he directed It and It: Chapter 2. And now he’s got a potential blockbuster on his hands with The Flash. It opens in theaters on June 16.

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