In Netflix’s Heart of Stone promo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gal Gadot trade secrets for making the perfect cup of action-packed coffee.

Some people take making a cup of coffee seriously. Throwing grounds into a K-cup simply won’t do. The beans need to be fresh and ground to perfect grit, with the presentation being as important as taste, temperature, and caffeination. If you ask Netflix‘s Chief Action Officer Arnold Schwarzenegger to make you a cup, prepare yourself for a jolt that will give you the energy you need to save the world and then some. In Netflix’s new Heart of Stone promo, Schwarzenegger and Gal Gadot compare coffee-making techniques while discussing the Wonder Woman action star’s new film.

In today’s Heart of Stone promo, Gal Gadot spots Arnold Schwarzenegger injecting as much action as possible into every cup of joe served at Netflix HQ. After a friendly greeting, Gadot witnesses Arnold’s explosive coffee-making methods and figures she should step in before someone gets hurt. Gadot quickly whips up a fresh cup, complete with fancy foam artwork. As Gadot expresses her skills, she and Arnold trade notes about striving for excellence in the spy game. Arnold also attests that his Jingle All the Way character, Howard Langston, could have been a spy. Arnold says we don’t know for sure because Langston was too good at keeping his cover.

In Heart of Stone, Gadot’s Rachel Stone is an intelligence operative for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency who races to stop a hacker from stealing its most valuable and dangerous weapon.

Matthias Schweighöfer (Army of the DeadArmy of Thieves), Jamie Dornan (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del MarFifty Shades of Grey), Alia Bhatt (HighwayGully Boy), and Archie Madekwe (MidsommarBeau Is Afraid) also star as members of the main cast.

Tom Harper (Wild RoseThe Aeronauts) directs Heart of Stone from a script by Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder. The film features Gadot in one of her most action-packed roles after kicking ass and taking names in Wonder Woman and the Fast and Furious franchise. Heart of Stone debuts on Netflix on Friday, August 11, giving subscribers another reason to make their movie plans at home this weekend.

Are you excited about Heart of Stone coming to Netflix this Friday? How strongly do you think Schwarzenegger and Gadot take their coffee? Let us know in the comments below.

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