Disney has announced that it will be launching its ad-supported Disney+ tiers outside of the United States later this year.

When will ad-supported Disney+ launch outside of the United States?

The ad-supported plans will launch in select markets across Europe and in Canada on November 1. For pricing, they start at £4.99/€5.99 per month in EMEA and $7.99 per month in Canada. Current subscribers in applicable markets will remain in the Premium tier without ads when the price goes up unless they choose to switch to one of the new cheaper plans.

“The strong momentum of our ad-supported plans in the U.S. demonstrates the importance of providing consumers with choice, flexibility and value,” Joe Earley, President, Direct-to-Consumer, Disney Entertainment stated. “We are excited to expand that offering in more markets across the globe, including in Europe and Canada, and to launch a new premium duo bundle of ad-free Disney+ and Hulu this Fall, as we take steps toward making extensive Hulu content available via Disney+ later this year for Bundle subscribers.”

A new Disney+ and Hulu Bundle plan is also launching in the United States on September 6, which will include Disney+ Premium and Hulu with no ads for $19.99 per month.

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