Microsoft’s Game Pass may have surpassed 30 million subscribers. Microsoft doesn’t like to publish specific stats about its Xbox products. However, a Microsoft employee may have slipped up and revealed more than he was supposed to.

Game Pass likely has over 30 million subscribers across all platforms

Tech news site Tweek Town recently took note of the LinkedIn profile for Xbox’s Senior Marketing Director Craig McNary. His current focus includes Xbox Game Pass, with a post claiming that the service has over 30 million subscribers. He later changed the number to 25 million, and it now appears that McNary removed it altogether.

This is obviously not the same as Microsoft coming out and saying that Game Pass has 30 million subscribers. However, the initial number seems credible, given some of the information revealed during Sony’s attempts to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Last November, the PlayStation 5 manufacturer told Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority that Microsoft’s subscription service had 29 million Console and Ultimate subscribers. This number appears to exclude PC subscribers, which implies the total number may be well over 30 million.

Notably, this is still less than the roughly 47.4 million subscribers across all versions of PlayStation Plus. However, Xbox Live Gold also reportedly had about 46 million subscribers in 2020, though that likely includes Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Microsoft replaced Gold with Game Pass Core this month, meaning that Game Pass is likely getting tens of millions of new users.  

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