JoBlo attends a special screening of The Nun II, presented by director Michael Chavez. The sequel celebrates the Conjuring’s 10th anniversary.

Do you remember the first time you saw The Conjuring? I certainly do. Since then, Warner Brothers have given fans a wild and entertaining cinematic universe based on the intriguing history of real-life couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. And with its tenth anniversary, fans and a few of those involved in the new sequel, had a celebratory night with The Nun II. It was the opportunity to present the film with all the spectacle and thrills of a premiere event but with only a few of the talent involved due to the current strike. Either way, my pal Cory Michael Dawson and I headed over to join in on the creepy activities at the Regal LA Live Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.

Once we arrived on the scene, we noticed a large gathering of spooky nuns. And yes, they were everywhere. In the crowded theatre, they offered a red carpet and cool photo opportunities. And did I mention creepy nuns? I’d better not make that a habit. Once we arrived, the show began a few minutes before the main event. First, the film’s director, Michael Chaves, introduced the feature. Having had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Chaves before, it was clear that, like any other filmmaker, he would love to have the people who brought his vision to life in attendance for the celebration. Thankfully, the charming fellow did an excellent job of exciting the audience about the main event.

After Michael’s introduction, the theatre suddenly fell under Valak’s curse – I’m sure you know the demonic force’s name in these flicks. As the evening commenced, the nuns I mentioned gathered throughout the theatre. Suddenly, the sounds of thunder and rain rose (the theatre had a damn impressive setup), and the nuns gathered among us. As the “storm” went on, the creepy Valak-heads gathered at the front of the screen and whipped around in a frenzy, making the same eerie sounds we were about to hear on the big screen. I’ve been to a few premieres, and this was one of the best pre-shows I’ve enjoyed attending. If you don’t have talent availability, at least do something creative. They certainly did.

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed in the film either. While I had a mildly positive reaction to the first – I prefer the latest instalment. Much like Ouija and Annabelle, the sequel corrects some of the first film’s missteps. And seeing more of the lovely and talented Taissa Farmiga and the scene-stealing and charming Jonas Bloquet is wonderful. The cast also includes a terrific performance from Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell. If you dig this franchise and this cinematic universe, you’ll find much to engage in with this latest sequel. The Nun II opens Friday, September 8, at a theatre near you. Get ready because here comes the Nun.

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