If there is one thing you can expect Steven Soderbergh to do, it’s something unexpected. Just a few months after his latest movie (that was the one about a male stripper’s final dance), and a few days after the premiere of his new TV series Full Circle (which is currently streaming on Max) he has another brand new sci-fi show. This show was never announced until a few days ago — and it’s already available to watch in full via Soderbergh’s own website.

The series is called Command Z and stars Michael Cera, Liev Schreiber, Roy Wood Jr. and Kevin Pollak, and it’s a sci-fi show about a scientist (Cera) who sends people back in time to repair history and save the world.

The series eight episodes adds up to about a 90 minute runtime. You can watch a trailer for the show below:


Here is Steven Soderbergh’s statement on the show and why he made it:

Well, here’s my statement: I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Or,maybe: What CAN I do?About, you know, everything that’s happening. Apart from the actual incredible thingsthemselves that are happening, what’s most concerning to me is once I slip into the warm bathof apathy—which I feel susceptible to when my outragemuscle is torn—I’ll never get out. So:how to stay engaged? Well, I could have started canvassing for various candidates—or runningfor office!—or otherwise taking DIRECT ACTION, but instead I decided a story was in order. Longstory long, you now have before you that story. It’s a simple story with a simple message, insupport of two amazing organizations that DO take DIRECT ACTION. We hope you enjoy it.

Command Z is available right now on its own website, CommandZSeries.com. The entire eight episode series costs $8 that will be donated to charity.

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