If you are curious about where to watch and stream The Simple Things online, then look no further. We have all the details right here. This short animated film follows Mickey and Pluto as they go fishing. Accidentally, a mussel gets stuck into Pluto’s mouth and he goes to Mickey for help. However, Mickey does not understand what is going on and thinks that Pluto is hungry. To find out what happens after that, watch this short animated movie, now available for online streaming.

Here’s where you can watch The Simple Things online.

Where can you watch and stream The Simple Things?

You can watch and stream The Simple Things on Disney Plus.

This Mickey Mouse movie short is directed by Charles Nichols and produced by Walt Disney. The cast includes Jimmy MacDonald as Mickey Mouse, Pinto Colvig as Pluto, and Clarence Nash as Seagull.  

How to watch The Simple Things and stream online

You need to sign up for a Disney Plus subscription to watch and stream The Simple Things online. Disney Plus offers a variety of subscription plans to users amongst which they can choose the most suitable one. The plans are:

  • Disney Plus ad-supported plan – $7.99 a month
  • Disney Plus ad-free plan – $10.99 a month

The Disney Plus subscription plan will allow you to stream thousands of different shows and movies, including Star Wars and other Marvel movies.

The official synopsis for The Simple Things reads:

“Mickey and Pluto go fishing. Pluto has a run-in with a clam, who eventually lodges in Pluto’s mouth; Mickey thinks the clam is Pluto’s tongue and can’t understand why Pluto keeps begging for more food. After they get rid of the clam, Mickey’s attempts to use his minnows as bait are thwarted by a hungry seagull; he brings his friends, and they chase our heroes away.”

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