WTF Happened to Sorcerer (1977)?

William Friedkin’s 1977 masterpiece, Sorcerer, is one of the great unseen movies. But why haven’t more people seen it?

6 hours ago

Good Action Movies and Series on Netflix Right Now

Stuck inside but still craving some on-screen action? Check out our list of the Best Action Movies on Netflix right now and get revved up!

6 hours ago

Stephen King says Babylon will be a classic in 20 years

While a critical and commercial failure, Stephen King says that Babylon could be considered a true classic over time.

8 hours ago

Weekend Box Office: Barbenheimer continues its dominance while The Demeter sinks

Barbie and Oppenheimer continue being the movies of the summer while the new release Dracula film The Last Voyage of the Demeter fails to impress.

10 hours ago

John Woo’s Hard Target turns 30: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Best Movie?

John Woo’s Hard Target turns thirty this summer, and we look back at what’s arguably Jean Claude Van Damme’s best movie.

11 hours ago

Poll: Favorite A24 Movie

The independent distributer A24 has become a major player in Hollywood. What movie of their vast filmography has been your favorite?

11 hours ago

Disney+ plans password sharing crackdown next year, unveils price hikes

Disney+ users who borrow passwords may find themselves forced to get their own accounts, which will also go up in price.

12 hours ago

Gal Gadot was Margot Robbie’s choice to play Barbie

Gal Gadot is flattered that Barbie producer (and star) Margot Robbie wanted her to play the title character.

1 day ago

Academy’s inclusion rules exempt non-Best Picture competitors

The Academy said the films not bothering to compete for Best Picture won’t have to complete a form adhering to their inclusion rules.

1 day ago

Box Office Update: Barbie and Oppenheimer rule while Demeter tanks

As expected, Barbie retained the top spot while Oppenheimer reclaimed its second place spot. Sadly, The Last Voyage of the Demeter tanks with just over $6 million.

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